What is the WCF?

The World Croquet Federation is the international organising body for the sport of croquet.

The WCF is a members' organisation, comprising national associations that are recognised by the WCF as having control of the sport in their own countries. Certain conditions are specified for membership and, provided that these are met, application for membership can be made at any time. There are three categories of membership, namely Full, Associate and Observer.


Full and Associate Member status can cast votes at WCF Council meetings and hence influence how the sport is administered. The number of votes depends on status and the number of individual members represented by the Member. Full and Associate members are also entitled to send at least one representative to any WCF individual world championship and a team to any WCF team world championship.

The WCF's main function is to act as the overall co-ordinating body for the sport. Its main responsibilities are to organise World Championships, facilitate development of the games and maintain effective liaison with its Members.