WCF Friends

The WCF Friends Scheme

The WCF Friends Scheme was established in 1992 with the aim of attracting 250 sponsors or "Friends of the WCF" who would each contribute £100 in order to create a reserve fund of £25,000.

With accumulated interest, the Friends Reserve has grown to more than £33,000 held in WCF Friends accounts in Australia and England.  In February 2011, the WCF Management Committee adopted a policy in relation to the Friends Reserve funds which was revised in December 2013.

  • The Scheme is no longer advertised as open to new members.
  • The WCF will continue to keep the Friends Reserve separate from other WCF funds as a long-term reserve, as described in the WCF Investment Policy which is published as an annexe to the WCF Finance Regulations.  Interest from the current and preceding years may be used to supplement WCF operating income.  All other Friends reserve funds should be retained as such, but the WCF Council may decide to use some for development purposes if funding from general or operating funds is not available.
  • The balance in the Friends Reserve should not be reduced to below £25,000 without considering the terms on which donations were made as recorded in the Treasurer's files.
  • With the greater availability of information about WCF activities on the website and in regular newsletters, the Friends newsletters that ceased in 2005 will not be re-instated.  Other Friends benefits ended in 2000.
  • The WCF will continue indefinitely to acknowledge the Friends on the WCF website and publish a full list of the donors.


Surname First name Country Date
Abou-Alam M Egypt pre-2005
Ahmed Abdul England 2006
Al-Shanti N Egypt pre-2005
Appleton David Scotland pre-2005
Arkley Tremaine USA 2005
Ayad A Egypt pre-2005
Baccaro Frank Italy pre-2005
Bamford C Australia pre-2005
Bamford Reg England pre-2005
Barlow Victoria England pre-2005
Beck Donald England pre-2005
Bell Eddie England pre-2005
Berne Bill USA pre-2005
Berne Billie Jean USA pre-2005
Biddle Anthony England pre-2005
Blake Jennet England pre-2005
Burridge Ian Wales 2008
Bushby R Jersey pre-2005
Bushby V USA pre-2005
Campbell Bill USA pre-2005
Campbell Marjorie USA pre-2005
Cherry Carol USA pre-2005
Cherry Bob USA pre-2005
Conway-Fell A Switzerland pre-2005
Corfu CC   Greece 2006
Crutchett L Australia pre-2005
Cumming Brian Canada 2006
Curry Sam England pre-2005
Cutrer-Jones Brice USA pre-2005
Davidson Wendy Australia pre-2005
Dawson Criena Australia pre-2005
Diprose Greg Australia pre-2005
Dourthe Robert France pre-2005
Downes J Australia pre-2005
Dumergue Ian Australia pre-2005
Dymock Ed England pre-2005
Eatough Norman Switzerland pre-2005
Edwards Owen Australia pre-2005
El-Haj Khalil Egypt pre-2005
Elliott R Australia 2006
Emmett Paul Canada pre-2005
Evans John Wales pre-2005
Farioli Carlo Italy pre-2005
Fleming Bruce Australia pre-2005
Fleming Elizabeth Australia pre-2005
Fong Elaine USA pre-2005
Fox Kate Australia pre-2005
Fox Gary Australia pre-2005
Frost-Robinson Anne Canada pre-2005
Garrad Kevin Isle of Man pre-2005
Granger-Brown Martin England pre-2005
Gray Nigel England pre-2005
Hall Tony Australia pre-2005
Hamilton P Australia pre-2005
Hamza Kevin Egypt pre-2005
Hasegawa K Japan pre-2005
Hassib W Egypt pre-2005
Heap Michael England pre-2005
Hobbs John England pre-2005
Hooper Max Australia pre-2005
Hopkins David England pre-2005
Hudson Chris England pre-2005
Huneycutt Danny USA pre-2005
Hunter P Australia pre-2005
Hutchinson Andrew England pre-2005
Irwin Christine England 2007
Irwin Colin England pre-2005
Jackson Carole South Africa 2008
Jackson Stewart USA 2006
Jackson Josie USA pre-2005
Jacobson D USA pre-2005
James B England pre-2005
Johnston Steve USA pre-2005
Johnston Pam USA pre-2005
Jones Charles New Zealand pre-2005
Jones Sid England pre-2005
Kirkham Sue Australia pre-2005
Laidlaw A England pre-2005
Landini C Italy pre-2005
Leoncini G Italy pre-2005
Lewis J Australia pre-2005
Lewis D New Zealand pre-2005
Lewis Kaye England pre-2005
Macarthur-Onslow N Australia pre-2005
Mahoney Dan USA pre-2005
Mann Fred Scotland pre-2005
Marsac Maurice USA pre-2005
Martin Bill USA pre-2005
Matumoto M Japan pre-2005
McPhee V Australia pre-2005
Meijer F Netherlands pre-2005
Millson Peter South Africa pre-2005
Mitchell Johnny USA pre-2005
Mitui A Japan pre-2005
Morrow Nelson England pre-2005
Mulliner Stephen England pre-2005
Murfitt Roger New Zealand pre-2005
Murray Max Australia pre-2005
Nagashima I Japan pre-2005
Naguib Amir Egypt pre-2005
Naylor Geoffrey New Zealand pre-2005
Nel Louis Canada pre-2005
New Zealand CC   New Zealand pre-2005
Newell Evan Ireland pre-2005
Nikora Leo USA pre-2005
Noble George England pre-2005
Nozaki Takashi Japan pre-2005
Oakley Don Canada pre-2005
Ono S Japan pre-2005
Oshida Satoru Japan 2006
Payne Peter Switzerland pre-2005
Payne Vladimir Australia pre-2005
Peck Archie USA pre-2005
Pidcock Alan England pre-2005
Pocock Maureen Canada pre-2005
Ponting P Switzerland pre-2005
Powell Gillian Australia pre-2005
Power Morgan Ireland pre-2005
Priddle Doris Canada pre-2005
Prince John G New Zealand pre-2005
Riches John Australia pre-2005
Rienits K Australia pre-2005
Roberts Graeme New Zealand pre-2005
Rogerson Fred Ireland pre-2005
Scandroglio M Ireland pre-2005
Schilling K Australia pre-2005
Sexton Ian Switzerland pre-2005
Shaw Dennis England pre-2005
Sheehy E England pre-2005
Shipley Ken Canada pre-2005
Short Donald Canada pre-2005
Smith K England pre-2005
Solomon John England pre-2005
Southern Colin England pre-2005
Sowerby Richard Jersey pre-2005
Speers J Australia pre-2005
Stephens Bob England pre-2005
Stevenson P Australia pre-2005
Storey Brian England 2007
Stringer G England pre-2005
Stroud R Australia pre-2005
Swabey John Belgium pre-2005
Takano Toru Japan pre-2005
Taylor John Jersey pre-2005
Thompson Bill Canada pre-2005
Townsend Charlotte Scotland pre-2005
Uhlman Carl USA pre-2005
Underhill David Switzerland pre-2005
Upton R New Zealand pre-2005
Van der Vliet Anne Jersey pre-2005
Verhoeven A Netherlands pre-2005
Victoria CA   Australia pre-2005
Wharton Susan Australia pre-2005
Williams Chris Wales 2005
Williams Rod Scotland pre-2005
Williams Liz Wales 2005
Williams Simon Ireland pre-2005
Wilson Ian England pre-2005
Wilson L New Zealand pre-2005
Witas Bernard France pre-2005
Yamada T Japan pre-2005
Yamada Masaaki Japan pre-2005
Young Eugene USA pre-2005
Young Geoff New Zealand pre-2005